Monday, April 21, 2008

wooly for me!!

It's not a greenapple, but it's MY FIRST WOOL FELTED PINCUSHION!! I have to get some more colored roving, this is fun!! I made a pincushion!!!

tra la la la la la

tra la la la la

Behind it is still the "Green thing", I'm still in the market for names, though I've been given some good ideas. Please see my previous post for the reward for helping me!

Other notable happenings in the Green household.......... This is the 2008 science fair project.

It seems to involve grape juice, pencil leads, and a battery. I have no idea what it actually is, but the two junior scientists are having a good time and (so far) nothing has blown up or caught fire.

We won't mention the zaps they got when they crossed certain wires now will we?

On a tastier side note, I seem to have caught muffin fever.
It started about a week ago with some overripe bananas, which became banana chocolate chip muffins.
Those were pretty popular so next came apple cinnamon muffins, also popular.
Then the grocery store had a special on frozen fruit............... so there were blueberry muffins (trite, yes, but yummy anyway) next came raspberry muffins - very popular with the college contingent who were visiting. Then Mango muffins, which I highly recommend. And today we have strawberry mango muffins. Next I am going to attempt pineapple coconut. (I don't care for coconut so those will be safe from me) Then perhaps peach............


Gizmo said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!!
I'll see what else I have laying around to include in your package! ;)
Muffins....YUM!!! Now I'm hungry!!!

Susan Freebery said...

Don't care for coconut??? Oh, you poor, poor baby. How can that be? Wait until you come down for our homemade coconut ice cream. It may just change your life. Love the pin cushion, by the way.

Pat said...

I like the pincushion...did it start out really big before felting?!

nice science experiment and always a good thing when there are no explosions or fires :)

maybe I'll make some bananas are browning up right now.

Teresa said...

When I look at your quilt I see nature and makes me think of Spring. You say she teaches about life, hope and faith, so why not call it "Faith" - just as we have faith that Spring will follow our long dreary Winters.

Whatever you call it, I am sure she will love it!

Finn said...

You really ARE on a muffin kick, aren't you??? LOL, wish I lived closer, I'd be happy to be a taste tester for ya *VBS*
The pincushion is so cool...and you made it!! Wow!
About your honor of Earth Day, how about "Green Piece"...just a bit tongue in cheek...LOL
Hugs, Finn

Carole said...

Cute pincushion! Lot's happening in the "Green household". So.... what time do you want me over to enjoy those muffins? lol I'm in a no baking mode. I'm tired of cleaning mud! keep well!

Kathy Wagner said...

You always make me giggle! Glad to hear that nothing has been blowing up at your house!
Happy Muffin Making - I wish I would catch that fever!

Teresa said...

Hey...come on over to my blog with your pincushion and sign up for my pincushion swap. And bring a few friends too!