Thursday, April 10, 2008

Two more sleeps!

I finally got to go to my regular quilt guild meeting tonight! And look what my super secret pal gave me! okay, she is not super secret, but she is my secret pal and she is super! I LOVE THIS PURSE!! Can you see the black patch with the adorable kitty on it?? I'm hoping she will share the pattern with me when she reveals herself. I have a few ideas on who it is, but I'm not saying anything just yet!

And here! Look inside!!! She filled the purse with some cool stuff!! Look at that sweeeeeeeeeeeet mini jelly roll! I love those bright colors! Plus there are some pretty pens - my youngest daughter is already campaigning for the one with the bamboo print on it- and there is a grocery list with a magnet on the back. Now how did she know I needed a new one??? And the pretty card! I will have to hide it in a drawer, psycho cat always finds ribbons where ever I hang them. Then he eats them, and if you have cats you know what follows the eating of indigestible items. Enough said on that subject.

Two more sleeps as soon as I get my behind upstairs and in bed! Here is the semi-dorky backpack I made for the smallest guild trip on Saturday. And just peeking out from under it is a book I'm bringing along..... sort of a little hint as to one of the booths I'm going to visit. Speaking of our guild outing- the Florida contingent had a VERY rough time getting out of Florida today. Seems 1000 flights were cancelled!! There were some tense moments via text messages during the day. As president I felt it my duty to text her constantly to keep her spirits up. I also tried to help out with wardrobe choices for the weather she is flying into. I did suggest socks with her sandals, and possibly a parka.
This is going to be rough for her. I'll have to take her mind off the pain and agony with lots of fabric choices and quilt ideas and many cups of coffee. I'm also bringing her cookies. Yes, that will help. Cookies always help don't they?
She doesn't care much for chocolate so I'll have to take care of that myself. Ahhh, the sacrifices we presidents go through.


Anonymous said...

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loulee1 said...

Cute baggies. The black one has some great goodies too.

PS. The word verification thing seems to stop the spammers.

Pat said...

what a wonderful secret pal to make you a purse and goodies to boot! you are lucky! Be safe traveling to Rosemont...the weather is suppose to be winter-y. good advice on the socks, sandals and parka :) Enjoy the show!

Finn said...

Oh the agony of it can you bear it??? I have a feeling the quilt conferanc will help quite a bit!
Love the purse and all the goodies! You are one lucky receiver! And such a nice if not so secret pal!
Enjoy the gathering, hopefully the Florida friend won't freeze her toes! Hugs, Finn

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Hope you ahve a great time at the IQF. Lucky you.

Kim said...

I'm looking forward to your report of your quilt guild's Chicago conference!