Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Chicago Show Pictures!!!

More of the Chicago show to share! More of the Chicago show to share!
A writer friend of mine once said "Quilts are poetry in blanket form" How TRUE!!! Come on and enjoy the quilt/poetry from the show:

Look at this dandelion quilt! This is the absolute favorite flower of daughter number 2. She has a point really, it's the first flower each spring, and what is also the first flower every little kid brings mom? Yup Dandelions!
I can see myself doing one like this!
I didn't get the shot straight on with this one, but I got better as we went along.

This one is chicory! Which happens to be one of my favorite wildflowers. I SOOOO Want to do this! I love how it is pieced out of fabrics you wouldn't expect, and if you have ever seen Chicory growing wild, you will recognize it immediately!

Here are Flori and Vanessa taking close ups of the awesome beadwork and stitching on...............

This fabulous quilt! It reminded all of us of a Dresden plate. It was breathtaking and calming all at the same time. I'd like to think I could do this!

Okay another of the MANY very cool quilts! This one has a three D woven effect. Very gorgeous!

We wanted to see the back so we asked nicely for a white glove lady (okay we sort of yelled and tackled one but she was nice about it all) and here is the back! It's made like a bunch of long wavy quilts and then sewn together. Really COOL!! and the colors are soooooooooo vibrant! I want to do this!

Now look at this absolutely GORGEOUS flower quilt!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this just not FABULOUS????!!

and wait for it,

they hung it without a background so you could go around yourself and see the back! (the white glove lady is probably very glad!)

Look at the back!!!! It's as cool as the front!!! And it DOES have a sleeve on the top! The quilter did some cool thread work on the sleeve so that it looks just as if it wasn't even there! GORGEOUS!!! I want to do this too!! I want to do everything! Now if there was just two little things....... more time, and more money. ah the quilters lament!

As we were waiting for our bus to come in line to pick us up one of the traffic control guys spotted my camera and came over to tell me "this is my best side, just in case you get a picture of me".

How could I resist? He was like poetry also, but this I don't want to do! ;-)

They were incredibly organized and kept everything flowing sooooooo smoothly with all the buses. A very well run show! I SOOO cannot wait for next year!


Pat said...

Thanks for sharing the show!

Susan Freebery said...

Oh, Whiskey Girl, this Officer in Charge of Coffee, or OCC as I prefer to be called is so honored to be a member of your illustrious guild! Now the world knows I made the cut. I bow before you, oh great one...

Doris said...

Thanks for sharing, Mary Anne. I went to the Chicago show in 2006--it was awesome! I love the big floral quilts as well, so I really enjoyed this post!

Teresa said...

Great pictures..thanks for sharing.

Granny's Closet said...

OH my gosh, those are some beautiful quilts and the talent. I don't know if I could ever get that good. Amazing work. I am not worthy!

Marilyn R said...

I agree, the Chicago show was fantastic! So many vendors and beautiful quilts to be looked at!

Kagahn said...

See Please Here

Rhonda said...

What great pics. but I'm sure that these don't go the real things justice. Thanks for sharing them.