Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday!! Yippeee!

Well, here is was/is Saturday, snowing again, and I'm home alone. What could be better??
I know, any normal quilter would have cut tons of blocks, or sewed up several UFO's, or slept in? Or I could have cleaned the house.
Nah, no one around to complain, so I watched movies all morning!

Chevy Chase in the National Lampoon Vacation movies! I know, what does that say about my taste? It says I love the insanity of it all and I laughed in all the right parts! Weren't the 80's a great?

I also baked bread! well, I measured stuff into the machine and viola! 58 minutes later I had fresh bread and the house smelled good.
And please do not tell the red geranium drill Sargent, but I ate a big piece too. It went great after all that popcorn I had while the movies were playing.............. fiber. yeah yeah, fiber!

Then I did do some sewing. I had this pile of mug mats ready to stitch...........

Which I turned into this pile of mug mats to be trimmed and turned. I love the confetti effect of the corner snips. I think I should have saved it for next New Years because the "confetti canons" Jim brought home were pretty wimpy, even though we are still finding pieces of it all over the house.

And here are the finished products ready to give out to people at my work sites.

I think I'm ready to tackle the scrap blocks now............


Susan Freebery said...

You constantly put me to shame. Knowing what I was coming to New York to deal with, you would have thought that I would have brought hand work or something, right? Nope. Not me. That would have been way too productive for me. Geeze - I do love the mug mats and could have ironed, cut and pinned if nothing else. I could have made millions of Yo-yos! I could have brought hand work!!! I will just go eat more cookies.........

Gizmo said...

Susan, eating cookies IS handwork!;)

Mare, I LOVE the mug mats. That reminds me, I have them on my to do list. The bread looks delicious. Do you think it would ship okay?? ;) LOL AND, you have to taste test it - while it's hot - so you know it'll be safe for the family to eat.