Saturday, January 10, 2009

wooden shoe like to know why that is there???

My local quilt guild has a "sharing table" where you can bring fabric, supplies, books, magazines or whatever you don't really want or need anymore and anyone can take it home with them.
Obviously I LOVE this idea and though I have been known to bring stuff, I've been known to take my full share too! I got all these cool magazines last Thursday night, along with a bag pattern- because of course being the bag lady that I am I really needed another bag pattern to go with the 81 or so I already have. I also spotted that bag of netting which I thought would be cool to use in gift bags or something like that. The star blocks were the batch I won during the block lotto! yeah! I have some ideas for those little blue babies, but they are going to have to sit on the back burner for a while as I have a plethora of projects both on the board and in my head. And, yes, that is a wooden shoe. That was also on the sharing table. People chuckled over it, and wondered why it was there and went past it to the fabrics and magazines. I did too. At first. But I kept going back and looking at the silly thing.

See I passed it up at first because I actually have my own set of wooden shoes. Yup, those ones there, made in Holland Michigan in the 70's when I was a teenager. Don't do the math, as Flori would say, it's not important.
I had read somewhere that they make good garden shoes, and since my mother was a master gardener I got her a pair, and when they came I thought they looked so cool
(this was the 70's remember) that I ordered a pair for myself thinking I was totally cool enough to carry it off. I might have been, but those things are NOT comfortable! This is my feet in them, they fit fine and with practice you CAN learn to walk without bending your foot. But they rub on the top of the foot, on the heel, and they are LOUD! so they now sit on a shelf looking, well, sort of cool.

So why would I need a THIRD shoe? One that is MUCH bigger than my foot? Ignore the socks here, they are warm, enough said about that!
Well, I have to say- it called to me. I could use it for SOMEthing! I could put a plant in it.... or put something cute and dutch in it for a present- tulip bulbs and Dutch chocolate come to mind........... gosh the possibilities are endless! I sort of wish there had been a second one I have so many ideas now!


paula, the quilter said...

Make it into a pincushion!

Greenmare said...

Brilliant!! A Paul Bunyan pincushion!!

Gizmo said...

You need to keep it for Sinter Klaas to fill. :)

Greenmare said...

even MORE brilliant!

Alycia said...

Well - I like it. I don't know what I would do either - but it will always be a great conversation starter.

Cowguy said...

I had some of those once. Unfortunately I was so fast they overheated and caught fire.

I still have the nightmares.


Pat said...

I think the wooden shoes are cool! I had brought a pair for DS when he was young (and we were in Holland MI) but somewhere along the line...they didn't make a move! His were small and would have been a fun pincushion!