Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things that begin with the letter T

My buddy Gizmo gave me the letter T for my list. So, here goes

My favorite holiday. Thanksgiving. Here is our table from this past year.

Tom Selleck..............

he starts with T.

ahhhhhh Magnum...........

And here I am with my very own version of Tom. Perhaps you can't see it as well as I can? Well, a few years ago the resemblance was more marked. My favorite cousin always thought my Jim looked like Tom. It became a bit of a joke. I'd get letters addressed to Tom's wife.

Triple Irish Chain! An all time favorite!

Trip around the world. One of the first quilts I made. Not actually the one in the picture, in case you thought I was published or something.

The first one I did is not so vibrant anymore since I made it for our second God daughter.

Tiger Lily!

And Trees.

I love trees. Trees with leaves, trees with needles and pine cones. Bare tree branches against the sky.

All the colors..............


Chris said...

MMMM Tom Selleck!

Cowguy said...

My favorite... and seemingly most used, tourniquet.


Susan Freebery said...

I can see it, plain as day!!