Monday, January 5, 2009

still MIA

The truffles are truly well hidden. sigh. I did look for them yesterday while pretending I needed something else, but all I found was a gingerbread cookie. Still, that made the search not a total loss. Jake, if you are reading this, truffles are yummy chocolate stuff with other yummy chocolate stuff mixed in, then rolled into balls and then rolled in other yummy things like more chocolate or grahm cracker crumbs. So you aren't too far off on the snickers bar idea.
I also came across some pictures I took during the holidays.
here is my best present, my OTT lamp!! yeah!! Now, if anyone else has one of these babies, can you tell me what the funciton of the extra metal rod on the side is???
These are soon to be patented self opening wine bottles!
Is this not the most convenient thing??
All we had to do was put our beverages in our auxiliary cooler i.e. the snowbank, and Viola! The wine began to uncork itself in less than 2 hours! No corkscrew needed! The soda did a nice slushy thing right in the bottle too! Jim says we need to turn up the snowbanks........... I'm game right now!

Sorry about the flash off of her package, but have you ever seen a Corona Barbie??? I spotted her with all her lime stuff and knew right away what she was REALLY supposed to be! This was fixed up for a friend who enjoys Corona's with me during camping.

Look! it's a mailbox right at ground level! Trust me, not a good place for a mailbox.
It used to be on a nice post next to the road. Jim came home Saturday night and opened it up to get the mail and whole thing slid right off and under his truck. I'm pretty sure there was colorful language involved. Seems someone had cleared the neighbors driveway and must have "bumped" it just a bit.

And last but not least, yet another table runner! This one is a chicken theme for a friend who supplies me with fresh eggs. In reality I suppose I should be doing something nice for the chickens since they do the work........... but I don't know that they would fully appreciate a quilt.


Susan Freebery said...
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Susan Freebery said...

I sure don't have the BMW of OTT Lights, but my guess is that the second metal rod is there for stability, possibly?

Remind me not to partake of your possessed wine when I come up there to sew...that's a bit scary.

The mailbox, well, been there done that. During my 40+ years in western NY (by Buffalo) every year it was a challenge to keep the mail box up and accessible. One year I had to be restrained after a snow plow went by scrapping the built up snow and ice from the road while I was perched on the side of the snow bank trying to dig to the mail box. The ice the plow scraped up hit me with such force I had bruises on my back for days afterward. Once I was able to breathe again, I sooooo wanted to chase the plow with my car and beat the driver with my snow shovel. My husband, however, felt it necessary for me to work on forgiveness... HA! I still wish I had gone after him...

A Corona Barbie? You Wisconsinians are a crazy bunch...

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Hey I am all about that self opening wine bottle. What could be better?? LOL
Bring it on!!

Cowguy said...

Ahhhh... so that's a truffle.


Jace (The other "J") lol