Saturday, January 7, 2012

My hopes for 2012

I hope to spend more time with this handsome fellow...

My dad is about 2 hours from my place, and I wish I got over to hug him more often, I hope I have a lot more hugs from him this year.  His health is precarious so I don't take any hugs for granted.

I hope to see many more gorgeous clouds.
I love clouds.

I hope to play with some of my UFOs this year.

Making something like this would be kind of fun...

I hope the weddings in our family go well and the marriages are wonderful and healthy.

By the way my good friend Diane MADE this cake for her sons wedding. 
Yes, she is pretty amazing.

I hope the brides enjoy their special day.

And I hope I survive the weddings.
This is going to mean a nice outfit isn't it?
Should I be checking out what is expected of the mother of the brides? 
I can just wing it right?

I may need some help........


SkippyMom said...

You'll do great - if there is one thing you have is style my friend. Besides you're a heck of a lot of fun.

I remember that bottle UFO. Oh, please finish it - it will be so cool.

Chocolate Cat said...

Sounds like you have a lovely 2012 ahead, enjoy!

Chocolate Cat said...

Sounds like you have a lovely 2012 ahead, enjoy!

Susan Freebery said...

Oh, Mare, you will be the loveliest MOB ever! I understand the goal of more hugs with you dad this year - that's very important. I would love to squeeze a random airline ticket into that hope list for a sewing weekend either north or south, too... I do love that interesting succulent garden, btw...

Keep Stitchin' said...

Nice pics of you and your dad. I hope you get to hug him more, too!
I'm sure you'll do great with the weddings! I found the best thing to do was to keep the lines of communication open so there is little chance for misunderstandings, and keep a calm head and be prepared for a few emotions. We experienced very little issues while keeping this in mind.