Thursday, January 19, 2012

Play time!! Finally a Play time for Mare!!!

Ever since I finished my final last semester I've been hoping for a bit of play time in my room of creation and happiness.  Christmas vacation (ha ha ha) was supposed to provide me with a wealth of time for this endeavor.
uh huh.
I had this project all ready for when I had a few hours to play.
Today I decided it was only going to happen if I let it happen.  So I (re)gathered all my supplies to make a happy little Pocket Bot a la Jodie of Ric-Rac blog here...
 is her great post that got me wanting to make one of these cuties.
My pocket bot pattern all cut out....

there is my pocket...
hers is WAAAAAY better.  I'm not sure why my pocket seems too big, I used the pattern. 

Here is the body............
ready for stuffing

Here she is finished up and waiting for something to go in her pocket

I stuck a fortune from a cookie in there for now.

My favorite part is her little antenna.
It's made from a purse foot.  Brilliant!!!

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Keep Stitchin' said...

Cute! Wish I felt motivated to hang out in my sewing room, but my cold regressed... I went from a dry throat to nothing, then my sinuses started playing tricks on me!
Have fun with your time off until school!