Friday, January 27, 2012

Super Easy Lunch or Dinner

I seem to be in a cooking mode lately.
Nothing too fancy, but shrimp fried rice is such a favorite!
I happened to have both peas and shrimp in the freezer so that makes it even easier!
Here are my ingredients, ready to go.
Rice -check
Shrimp- check
peas - check
green onions - check
diced ham - check
egg- check
hoisin sauce - check
soy sauce - check

I start by making a sort of flat omelet and then rolling it and slicing it. 
I know some people mix the beaten egg in with the rice, but we like the pieces of egg instead of the scrambled rice effect.

Then I heat some peanut oil in my wok and start cooking the rice.

I add some soy sauce and some Hoisin sauce and keep stirring and cooking to let the rice soak up the sauces.
Then I add the diced ham.  Okay in this case it was cut up Canadian Bacon but I didn't want to create an international incident.  shhhh

Then in goes the frozen peas and shrimp...
cook and stir until they are thawed and warmed and starting to soak up the sauce.

smells good!

When it's getting nice and hot and almost ready the green onions go in so they just get cooked a wee little bitty bit.  We want the fresh greeny taste to hang in there.

Then the egg pieces go in last so they don't get too smashed up and lose all their integrity.
Because really, I ask you, is there anything worse than an egg with no integrity?

Then Viola!  Shrimp fried rice!
and if you don't have shrimp, or ham (or Canadian bacon) then dice up whatever leftover meat you have laying around in the fridge and pretend you totally intended to make chicken fried rice, or roast beef fried rice, or pork fried rice.  Heck, regular old American style bacon works!
It's like Chinese flavored throw-together.


Keep Stitchin' said...

I get in cooking modes this time of year... it's usually the time I try new recipes out as well!
Looks yummy! Enjoy!

SkippyMom said...

You know I waited for my phone to ring allllll day for the invite. But noooooo, Mare had to keep all the rice for herself. sniff:sniff

I'll just be over in the corner. Hungry and bereft.


It looks so good and one of my favorite foods.

The Calico Cat said...

We are having chicken fried rice tonight. (I planned that before reading this yummy post. Is there another use for leftover rice?)

The Calico Cat said...

& now that I have actually read the post...

I scramble the eggs well done first - but leave them in the pan. I then add the rest of the stuff - I get pieces of egg... Not sure if my way or your way saves or creates more dishes... My son LOVES finding the pieces of egg.