Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's in your pantry?

We like antiques and vintage things at the Green-house
I thought perhaps I'd show you a bit of what is on my pantry shelves.
I use the term pantry pretty loosely here, in point of fact these are my kitchen cupboards.
Below are the big guys vintage collection of Snit glasses.  A snit for those non beer connoisseurs, is a small glass usually between 4-6 ounces for a taste of a beer.  Or as a "sidecar" for a Bloody Mary.
We use his "Snits" for juice.  They are the perfect size!

Here we have the lovely Miss V's collection of McDonald's glasses.
She loves the characters and uses these every day!
I think I may have gotten her started on this set when I spotted a Grimace glass and told her about getting one when I was a teenager.  I can still close my eyes and see the icy coke in that glass.  That was back when if you bought the glass they really did fill it with your beverage. 

Clabber Girl.
Seriously who wouldn't use this brand? 

Here are some of my Pyrex bowls cuddling up to my flour canister.
Anyone recognize it?  Yup, it's a very very old coffee can.  My mother used it for flour when I was growing up and somehow I couldn't get rid of it when we cleaned out her house.  I am getting in desperate need of a new lid for it though.  I know mother went through quite a few lids also.  I buy my coffee as beans so I don't know where I'll find a cover!

Pretty plate.
Really pretty plate that I found at Goodwill.
when I was Goodwill Hunting.
and succeeding.
I am in love with the soft colors on this one and I put it on the bottom of the plate stack so that I usually get to use it. 

Look at this other sweet plate!
Oak leaves and acorns, and it's pink!  I think that is so strange, but I love it!

I found these 2 nifty oval plates at Goodwill also.
They are in pretty good shape, it's actually the gorgeous sunlight coming through my spiffy kitchen window that is making it look like the green bands on them are not all there.  There is a black dot on this one, it's underneath the glaze, but I don't mind.  I think freckles like that add to the charm of my treasures.

This is one of about 6 of these plates that I have picked up at various thrift shops.
I think they look like something a granny would have had in her pantry.  I love that! 
I think granny is a totally under used term of affection. 
These are my granny plates, and I want to make myself a matching granny apron too!


SkippyMom said...

Email me your address [I misplaced it. durrrrr] and I will happily send you coffee lids. That is the size we use.

I love the McDonald's glasses. I had a Grimace one for years, but it wore away [the pic] and my Mom threw it out. When she passed we inherited a full set of Washington Redskins glasses that she put together by getting one at a time from the gas station when she filled her tank. My husband has managed to break half of them, but I don't mind b/c he is a Dallas Cowboys fan. [They are huge rivals]heehee

Coffee made with fresh beans is so, so, so much better. And you are absolutely right - it is much cheaper than Starbucks. :)

Vanessa said...

hey mum! i LOVE those glasses!!!!!! remember when my first Grimace one broke ;(
i cried sooooo much!!!!!

Paula TheQuilter said...

Hold on to your old pyrex 'cause there is a flaw in the newer ones that cause them to sometimes shatter. I have an old Clabber Girl baking powder can, the kind with the metal lid, that I keep refilling.