Thursday, March 5, 2009


Isn't this the coolest vintage pattern? I have never seen one this size before, it's 6 X 10. And now it's framed and up on my wall! I love vintage patterns, I have several more that the big guy has framed for me. He's good at that.

And here is what's on my design wall now. I was able to tear myself away from the cats. I found that if I folded them up inside out I think I will be able to forget their existance for another couple of years.....
anyway, here is my 365 journal quilt, that has been waiting patiently for a design wall.
See, I sort of jumped in to this project without actually planning it like the other 365 journalers did.
I'm kind of a "by the seat of my pants kind of girl" and it does tend to come back and bite me in the seat of my pants, if you get my drift.
Here is the big boy cat checking out the pieces that were hanging onto the floor. I'm pretty sure he was planning some mischief before he was so rudely escoted out the door.
I started this on my birthday in 2007, which is in July, and so it ends in July of 2008. I think I got a bit better at it as I went along, but it's certainly not what I pictured in my "perfect quilt mind". Then again, what do I make that IS? remember the cats?
And now for a finished one, see this lasagne quilt? I made this with Quilts Of Valor in mind. those are the ones for wounded soldiers. I went to the website to see where to send it, and found their checklist of things you need to do before you donate. I won't go into all the hoops here because it just made me downright mad to read it all and I gave up. Then as luck would have it, I was reading another blog about quilts for children in the Appalachian mountains and guess what? They are thrilled to have it! I don't have to make a presentation case, and I don't have to "journal" my quilt!! yeah ladies. I'm glad it will go to make a child warm.


Susan Freebery said...

It doesn't matter that you didn't plan out the 365 Quilt! At least YOU wrote the journal entries! I started writing them in my journal, but only did like 13, and never got them to fabric. YOU rock!

SkippyMom said...

Oh goodness the last thing I need to see was the journal quilt - it is stunning and now I want to make one [I had never heard/seen one before!]

I am pretty sure my collective family would kick me out if I started another one :) - but thank you for the inspiration.

Kudos also for the Lasagne quilt. I know they will love and appreciate it.

QuiltedSimple said...

That is one cool looking pattern = how neat! Glad you found a good home for the lasagna quilt!

*karendianne. said...

I absolutely 100% enjoy seeing what's on your design wall along with "who" is checking it out.

Sweet P said...

Your journal quilt is cool. I cut the pieces for mine, but never started.

Kathy Wagner said...

How exciting to see your 365 quilt!
Mine is still in the closet...must get it put together. I sure would love to have it done by the quilt show in the fall. Keep working on yours so you can inspire me, okay?

Chris said...

I love the journal quilt idea. I can sympathize with the by the seat of the pants style of work. It can make things a bit chaotic. I just designed a lap quilt for my house at a retreat, with a few mathematicians in tow. I wanted to wing it and they were giving me all sorts of advice about the size of the block and the finished quilt size. I loved the advice and proceeded to do it my own way ;)

Gizmo said...

Both quilts are beautiful!
I've never heard of a 365 day quilt.
I'm thrilled that you found a good home for the Lasagna Quilt. Would you mind sharing the blog/charity address??

Gizmo said...
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