Monday, March 9, 2009

The Unfortunately Game

There are times when you just feel like idling away a bit. If you have a computer handy and you are online. try the Unfortunately game. You go to google, and type in "unfortunately, your name" make sure you put in the quotation marks too.then see what comes up... Some of them are pretty funny, and some are kind of bizarre.

unfortunately Mary was considered to be illegitimate ... I hope nobody tells my mother!
Unfortunately, Mary died in 1810, leaving her family in debt. ... I guess that was their problem then wasn't it?
Unfortunately, Mary's hair also needs some attention. ... There's a spy cam on my lap top???
Unfortunately, Mary was uninspired and did not start writing anything. ... you noticed!
Unfortunately Mary's cooking was rather basic, Was NOT!
unfortunately Mary lacked this quality. ... I lack a quality?? Which quality?? Which??? patience?
Unfortunately, Mary eventually began encouraging Catholic plots Moi? I never did! I swear it! okay, maybe a teeny one.....
Unfortunately, Mary cannot answer any questions at least not correctly.
Unfortunately, Mary's situation is no more unique or unusual oh yeah I am, my mother always said "you are special and unique, just like everyone else"
Unfortunately, Mary's effort went to failure Ah, don't most of them?
Unfortunately, Mary would be co-saviour with Jesus um, or not.
Unfortunately, Mary had shown signs of memory loss When was that?
Unfortunately, Mary was not that impressed by the effort. ... Oh I was, I really was, it's just that my memory isn't what it used to be.........
Unfortunately, Mary earns a D Odd, I don't remember that.
Unfortunately, Mary prefers the company of older men Well, the big guy IS 9 months older than me.
Unfortunately, Mary didn't really have a chance to be flexible, Well, I did have the chance, I just decided not to.
Unfortunately, Mary's story is a common one. ... Oh puh-leeeese. ME common?
Unfortunately, Mary, who has been institutionalized in a private psychiatric ... who told???
Unfortunately, Mary's zebra-covered woven stools, well I had to do something in the psychiatric.....
Unfortunately Mary missed the party due to technical difficulties it was my hair again
Unfortunately, Mary has always been too blinkin' ... yes, yes I admit it, I've always been too blinkin
unfortunately Mary had put on the wrong shoes so she ... hmmm how did I manage that? More technical difficulties I suppose
Unfortunately, Mary doesn't live here anymore because I'm in the psychiatric............
Unfortunately, Mary developed problems with paranoia after ... being in the psychiatric.......
Unfortunately Mary's husband died, and Mary once again assumed men's clothing, ... Well someone had to assume them
Unfortunately, Mary's story is all too familiar. ... I thought it was a common one, that's what you said before
Unfortunately, Mary has better luck snogging the tree ... Well, tree hugging is waaaaaaaaay too trendy for someone like me
Unfortunately, Mary had a little bit too much to drink... it happens sometimes, like when I snog trees
unfortunately Mary fell down before bedtime, ... well, see, I'd been drinking
Unfortunately, Mary is nowhere to be found. ... I guess I fell WAY WAY down huh?
Unfortunately Mary was very tired and out of it is this the drinking thing again?
Unfortunately, Mary had no idea she was in danger. ... yeah, drunks usually miss the danger signs
Unfortunately, Mary was hidden behind the metal post ... had to be a BIG metal post!
Unfortunately, Mary's usual amp is a solid state Fender Deluxe um, all Mary plays is the stereo
Gonna try the Unfortunately game? Are you game!? arr arr arr, don't you love puns?


*karendianne. said...

Oh my gosh this is hilarious! Now we know you are illegitimate, which I always considered to be the case and I could tell you encouraged Catholic plots and most certianly I knew you were into snogging trees!

Lordy Bee this is fantastic.

Amy said...

That is too funny. I'm going to have to try that sometime!

Nice to meet ya...

Susan Freebery said...

You have lost your mind, Whiskey Girl. Pure and simple, gone mad...

Greenmare said...

you want to try it don't you??? heh he heh

Chris said...

What a hoot! What a great concept for a post. I tried with my name but didn't have much luck. I did find out what Chris Rock has been up to though.