Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bag Lady!

This is so exciting for me, a local gift shop owner is going to carry some of my bags. I love to make and use tote bags, purses, backpacks, any kind of bag. She spotted mine and asked me to make one for her. She will sell them on commission, but still it might help support my quilting habit. She even gave me my own corner!
Last night I played around with making a sign for it. I have to admit, I had fun!

Today when we got home the dog met us with this interesting necklace! He got into the garden shed and must have been trying to drink some disgusting

water from this planter. As anyone with a country dog knows, disgusting old water is much better than nice fresh stuff from the faucet! I thought he sort of looked like a demented St. Bernard. He just looked at us like, "what?" As we say around here, he is a natural blond!
My next big news for the day is that after a couple months of applications I finally have a job interview tomorrow. whew, hope I didn't just jinx it! And, I stopped at a hair salon and they measured my hair and told me I have more than enough to do my hair donation for locks of love. then they got me in tomorrow!!!! My youngest daughter had donated twice, and daughter number 3 has donated, so it is my turn now! My youngest is going along and plans to take pictures, so I'm sure those will be up tomorrow night~


Susan Freebery said...

I can see that smirk already! Good job by YOU, Mare. I will think nothing but good thoughts for you!

Jeanne said...

Congratulations on getting your own corner to sell bags! Wishing you lots of sales. Love the dog photo!!! How nice that you and DDs donate your hair.

Kim said...

Congrats all around! And aren't pets the silliest things? They sure do make us smile!

Leigh said...

Congratulations that is so exciting for you. It might help finance your addiction lol :-)

Kathy Wagner said...

Hey Bag Lady...that's great news!
Good for you! Great sign!