Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This is spring???

I didn't do it! This blizzard is not my fault! I did NOT put away our winter outer wear, I did NOT rake the leaves off of the flower beds, I did NOT get out the summer clothes. My husband did NOT take the chains off the tractor tires, so why is it snowing and blowing and otherwise yucky out??
Fortunately you cannot hear the wind in the picture nor can you feel the little ice crystals zipping into your skin.
On a brighter and more colorful note, the orange thing is my April abstract challenge. My first one!

It is kind of funny though, my first month in the challenge, because orange has never been my favorite color. But I reminded myself that I like oranges, and orange juice, so that's what I went with.

I'm making cupcakes and vegetable pizza tonight to take to my guild meeting tomorrow. I'm one of the hostesses for this month. It's good to have the oven going and be warm and safe and dry inside! I'm going to go do the machine side of the binding on a couple of quilts, and then I can cuddle up under them and sew. Bliss!


Leigh said...

wish I was coming to your guild meeting. :-)

Kathy Wagner said...

I think we must be in the same weather zones Mare! We are having sleet and snow tonight too!
So great that you joined Abstract your "orange" piece. I think you will enjoy the challenge of thinking abstractly and stretching your creative muscles every month. I'm still working on my sketches for "orange". Hope to get some time next week to actually work on it. Enjoy guild meeting!

Jeanne said...

I could have posted that first picture on my blog today, too. Isn't it disgusting to deal with the snow and slush in April? Love your orange piece, though.

Wendy said...

The snow seems to be a big problem with lots of folks. It's still not that warm here, they are calling for rain and wind tomorrow. Keep warm.
The orange is a good "thinking of spring" colour.

Susan Freebery said...

Gosh, I know how you all feel with the cold weather hanging on. It isn't going to get over 71 today here in Clearwater. We just had this dreadful cold front blow in. Probably the same one that caused all that snow up there. I have to get out the long sleeves again.... wink wink